General Information

Founder and publisher: Dnipro State University of Internal Affairs.

The journal is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Media identifier R30-02606, decision of the National Council, January 25, 2024, № 180.

ISSN 2786-491X (Print)

Address of the editorial board: 26 Nauky avenue, Dnipro, 49005, Ukraine

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The Journal is issued twice a year.

Contact phone +380972744790.

The collection of “Philosophy, Economics and Law Review” presents research papers covering and comprehending new facets of human existence and economic and legal guidelines of humans’ existence at the beginning of the new millennium. Particular emphasis is focused on the forms of their manifestation and reflection in philosophy, economics, and law.

The journal “Philosophy, Economics and Law Review” has been included into the category “B” of the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine where the results of dissertation papers for gaining doctoral and candidate degrees (Legal, Philosophical, Economical sciences) may be published (the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 10.10.2022 № 894).